Become a Tattoo Model

Fashion companies hire tattoo models for shoots when they want to showcase how their clothes and accessories look on people with tattooed skin. Tattoo models are also used to market certain clothing styles.

Tattoo models are alternative models, but their roles and responsibilities are essentially the same as traditional models.

To become a tattoo model, you should create an art portfolio and perhaps even apply to train with an experienced, reputable tattoo artist. You can take part in professional photo shoots to expand your portfolio.

As an aspiring tattoo model, you need at least one eye-catching tattoo. You will probably be more successful if you have several tattoos, just don’t change your body to work as a model.

One of the most famous tattoo models is Ève Salvail. As the “girl with the dragon tattoo”, Ève caused a sensation in the 90s, mainly thanks to the indelible ink on her head. When she decided to shave her head and get a tattoo while travelling through Japan, she was discovered by designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who immediately elevated her to the it-girl status.

Become a Tattoo Model

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