Become a Runway Model

Runway models have to meet exact measurements to fit the dresses that designers want to show to their clients.

The designers book runway models to fit the dresses they have designed for their collection. They do not usually make the clothes for the model.

Some of the most famous catwalk models in the world include Cara Delevingne, Twiggy, Tyra Banks and Miranda Kerr.

Runway Model Requirements


Female runway models are usually at least 1.75 m tall, although taller models are preferred.
Men should be at least 1.80 m tall, but ideally over 1.85 m. Taller runway models are often preferred.

Officially, there are no weight requirements, but most international models weigh between 50 and 59 kg.

The fashion industry is an extremely strict industry with high, sometimes absurd, requirements. Because of the strict criteria, it is difficult to get a foothold in this industry.

Tips for aspiring runway models

If you meet the height/weight criteria, you should first work on your perfect posture. Straighten your shoulders and keep your back straight. Relax your hands and don’t let your arms swing too much. Walk with big steps and put one foot directly in front of the other. Once you have mastered the gait, practice walking in high heels: Start with flat pumps and gradually work your way up to high heels.


Become a Runway Model

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