Become a Plus Size Model

With changing beauty standards, the plus size model market has become an important part of the fashion and advertising industry.

More and more top fashion agencies now have plus size departments and in recent years we have seen more plus size supermodels. Even Victoria’s Secret has given preference to plus size models on several occasions. Models with perfect bodies, on the other hand, have been left empty-handed.

A plus size model can walk on catwalks, work for major fashion labels and model for various publications and media.

Plus size models are usually categorised by size rather than exact measurements, e.g. L-size and up. In the real world, an L size is not necessarily considered plus size, but in the modelling industry it can be.

To become a successful plus size model, you should work on the quality of your skin, hair and personality. Cheerful and fun-loving people are much more in demand for this type of modelling.

Famous Plus Size Models

The most famous plus-size models are Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Robyn Lawley, Marquita Prinq and Sophie Dahl. Robyn Lawley, 31, is Australia’s most famous plus size model, the first ever to appear in a campaign for Ralph Lauren and has been in front of the camera for some of the world’s most famous fashion magazines.

Become a Plus Size Model

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