Become a Mature or Best Ager Model

It’s never too late to start modelling as an adult. More important than expertise is being comfortable behind the camera, conveying grace and friendliness and maintaining a professional demeanour. A mature or best ager model is often over 35 years old, healthy and physically fit.

A Mature or Best Ager Model is not concerned about greying, wrinkles or age spots.

Many high-end fashion magazines and designers hire models of different ages for their campaigns and catalogues. Typically, there are assignments in the fields of health, pharmacy, education, and editorial.

Well-known Best Ager Models

There are many familiar faces among the Best Ager Models. Nicola Griffin, now in her 60s, was spotted in a bank in Nottingham in 2013 by White Hot Hair and asked to model for the shampoo company. She immediately accepted the offer and has been modelling ever since. Nicola has been photographed by SLiNK, a UK lingerie publication, been part of the latest Swimsexy campaign, featured in Kinetik Beauty adverts and modelled for plus-size designer Anna Scholz. Thanks to the Swimsexy campaign, Nicola is the oldest model ever to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She has twin daughters who are both in college, and her hobbies include keeping fit and eating healthy.

The legendary Naomi Campbell is another example of a mature model. In the 90s, she became known as one of the biggest supermodels of the decade. Although she now focuses mainly on philanthropic activities and her work as editor of British Vogue, Naomi shows that models over 40 can still make it in the modelling industry. She appeared on the catwalk of the Versace Spring 2018 show in a stunning, seductive gold dress, proving that true beauty never ages.

Become a Mature & Best Ager Model

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