Become a Catalogue Model

Catalogue models pose while wearing or presenting a product to help sell it.

Catalogue models help promote products such as clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, jewellery and other accessories.

Another term for catalogue model is advertising model.

Online shopping has made catalogue models more valuable than ever to brands. “If the model sells a product, they’re booked over and over again,” says Gary Dakin, co-founder of all-size modelling agency JAG, which includes Calvin Klein underwear campaign star Myla Dalbesio and Torrid favourite Philomena Kwao. According to the agent, they sell “like crazy”.

In addition to a great body, a good catalogue model has a strong personality and is versatile. Generally, friendly, colourful characters are preferred to portray different emotions in the advertising shots. Models who are outside the norm can also be used for catalogue shoots.

The Victoria’s Secret angels are a very successful example of catalogue models.

Become a Catalogue Model

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