Become a Bikini Model

Are you confident, do you have a crisp figure with flawless skin and a pretty face? You love exotic countries, white sandy beaches, the sea and can stand high temperatures? Then you should become a bikini model!

Bikini models are booked by tourism, hotel and swimwear companies, as well as magazines and retailers.

As a bikini model, your primary job is to pose in a bikini for photographers and videographers. Although this may sound easy and enjoyable at first, it requires hard work. You have to maintain your bikini shape all year round and travel a lot to get to the most remote beaches.

Bikini Model Requirements

Discipline, Nutrition & Sport

To maintain a sexy beach figure over the long term, bikini models have to pay close attention to their diet and exercise. Since they wear little clothing by definition, figure problems are not so easy to conceal. A daily fitness programme, a very healthy diet and a lot of discipline are required to continuously maintain the ideal weight.

Permissiveness required

Bikini models are touched all over their bodies, except for the private parts, by photographers and stylists, for example to apply make-up or to adjust their bikinis. Models also often have to change bikinis on a remote sandy beach without changing rooms. A bikini model needs to have a certain amount of uninhibitedness and openness for this. It is important that she has a high self-esteem.

What figure do I need as a bikini model?

The figure of a bikini model should be slim, toned and athletic – but not too well-trained.
In contrast to a fashion model, a bikini model can have more bust. A C cup is typically considered ideal.
However, it depends on the client. According to the customer’s target group, different figure types are favoured.

From what size can I become a bikini model?

Commercial bikini models who model for brands like H&M are usually around 1.70 m (5′ 7”) tall.
In contrast, bikini models who want to model for high-end brands such as Victoria’s Secret or Melissa Odabash must be over 1.80 m (5′ 9”) tall and have a slim hourglass figure. In general, the requirements for commercial bikini models are less strict.

Hair removal and skin care

Be aware that as a bikini model, you will need to remove your body hair regularly. Skin care is also on the daily agenda. You need to keep your entire body evenly tanned or tan before a shoot. You have to protect your skin from sunburn and care for it after a long shoot under the sun. The skin of a bikini model should always be impeccable and freshly cared for.

Become a Bikini Model

Do you have what it takes to be a model? Find out and apply now!
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