Model Application Process

First fill out our online application form. Make sure that you give us as much information about yourself as possible and take enough time for your application.

After we have received your application, we will check it and get back to you within three working days.

1. Application
We receive your application.
Our model scouts will check your suitability as a model.
2. Acceptance
We will get back to you within three working days
Either with an acceptance or a rejection.
3. Video Call
Should we accept your application, we will arrange a video call with you.
We will discuss all the details and get to know each other.
4. Model Training & Development
If – after the call – we both want to, we will start immediately with the development and training for your modelling career.
5. Model Contract
As soon as you are ready, we will find you a suitable modelling agency.
This new agency will give you your modelling assignments.
Our services are completely free of charge for you. We earn our money by receiving compensations from the model agencies.
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After receiving your application as a model, our scouts check whether we see potential in you. Many scouting agencies need weeks for a response. This is annoying and often not necessary. Since we want you to feel comfortable with us, we promise to get back to you within three working days at the latest. This makes us one of the fastest scouting agencies when it comes to replying to applications.

If you do not meet our requirements, you will receive an e-mail notification from us. We will also try to write you a few lines about why it didn't work out, so you have the option of either continuing to work on yourself or concentrating on other life plans. Your application with us will then end, but that doesn't mean you can't try again at a later date. And of course you can apply to other scouting agencies or directly to model agencies.

Congratulations. If you are accepted, you have successfully taken the first step into the modelling business! We see a certain potential in you and look forward to getting to know you better. Therefore, we will invite you to an interview, which we usually conduct as a video call.


During the call, we want to get to know you better and experience you live and naturally. What kind of charisma do you have, how do you move in front of the camera and so on. Just be yourself during the interview, and look forward to it. A certain amount of excitement is understandable and will not be judged negatively by us.


Of course, you also have the opportunity to ask us all your questions.

If we continue to see potential in you after the interview and see a market demand for your type, we will send you our contract. As soon as you have signed it, we will start preparing you for the modelling life.
You will receive valuable advice and tips from us, and we will work with you on your model book, your appearance and your public image. After we have prepared you optimally, we will find you a suitable model agency that fits your individual type and needs exactly. We cooperate with many agencies around the world, but if necessary we also search outside our existing network.


If the agency accepts, we will inform you and provide you with all contact details so that you can speak directly with the model agency. If you do not like the agency, we will of course keep looking until you are totally satisfied.

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