Model Applications Tips

Filling out your online application is the first step in your modelling career. Remember that this is the first impression you make on the model agency. So take enough time for your application and don’t rush it.

Here we give you our 10 best tips for a successful application as a model. These tips apply to your application to us as well as to other model agencies.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. The truthfulness of your information is the key to success. So don’t embellish, exaggerate or over-optimise the information in your application. This also applies to your photos. Don’t use filters to make your appearance look “prettier”. Just be yourself. Stay natural!

Fill in Everything

If the agency asks for information, they need it. For example, information about (foreign) languages is important, because some castings require you to speak one language or another. This is especially true for English. The more questions you answer, the better it is, usually, and the agency has everything it requires.


Fill in the form correctly and without mistakes. If you take your time and concentrate on filling in the form, you will not make any spelling mistakes. This is important because even a small mistake can lead to you not being accepted. A missing number or letter could reduce your chances of being accepted, as agencies may not be able to contact you.

Quality Photos

Especially if you are applying directly to model agencies, make sure your photos are of a high standard and professional. Do not use selfies or photos of yourself with other people. It is best to create photos exclusively for your model application.
If you are applying to a scouting agency like ours, simple photos are fine. But make sure they are of good resolution and quality.

No Make-up

It is best to use photos without make-up. Agencies need to know how you look “natural”, otherwise your application will not be considered. Your skin should be as clear as possible.


Pay attention to your hair in the photos; it should be well-groomed and not cover your face. Ideally, you should wear your long hair loose for frontal photos, while you should tie it up in a ponytail for side photos.


Choose simple, neutral and close-fitting clothes. Your body shape must be easy to assess. For model scouts, it is easiest if you are lightly dressed so that your figure is not covered up by clothing. You can’t go wrong with a bikini (swimming trunks for men) or simple underwear. Under no circumstances should you send nude photos of yourself. Serious agencies never ask for this.

If this is too revealing for you, take skinny jeans, a tight-fitting short skirt or shorts, leggings are also OK. Also, you can wear a short, belly-free top as a shirt.

Children’s models and best-ager models are not usually chosen because of their figure. Here, classic casual clothes are absolutely fine.


Many prospective models make the mistake of sending in photos of themselves in fancy model poses with their applications. However, this is usually not preferred. Professional agencies can assess you and your potential much better if you send neutral photos of yourself in which you neither smile nor pose in a special way.
Below you will also find sample photos that we would ideally like to see of you.

Neutral Background

Choose a neutral background for your photos. The best way to do this is to stand in front of a light-coloured wall. Make sure the lighting is good so that there are no shadows on you. Have a friend take photos of you with a smartphone. If you want, you can decide together on which photos to send.

Contact Details

Give your correct contact details and check them again – if one digit is missing, it could be a problem for the agency to contact you.
If you include social media profiles, make sure the agency has access to them. A non-public Instagram profile that requires the agency to send you a request is a common mistake.

Good Model Application Photos


A natural portrait photo, without make-up and filters. Your hair is loose. You don’t pose, you don’t smile. The background is neutral.


A portrait photo from the side. Again, please no filters and a natural look. The hair does not cover any important parts of the face. The background is neutral.


A frontal photo from the waist up. You can also use light make-up here, but please continue to use no filters. The hair is loose again. Posing is allowed, but don’t overdo it. The background is neutral.


A frontal full-body photo. You can also use light make-up here, but please continue to use no filters. The background is neutral.

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